Faith Development Updates (8.23.21)

 Please note that the following schedule is subject to change based on COVID stages in our community and our staged gathering plan.

Outdoor faith development classes begin on October 3 following our outdoor worship service, and I need your help. PreK (ages 3&up) will gather … read more.

Looking Forward: BYOC Church!

I am a fan of gallows humor, that instinct to take a bad situation and find humor in it. During this disheartening month as we’ve seen the covid numbers rise precipitously and our expectations for the fall have a correspondingly fast drop, the “My … read more.

Faith Development 8.16 to 8.22.21

Outdoor faith development classes begin on October 3 at 10:30 AM, and I need your help. Consider volunteering to lead elementary, middle or high school classes. Prior to the start of class, I invite families to spend time socializing after our worship services on … read more.

Is it Anger or …?

We’re angry. Lots and lots of us. We got vaccinated, we’ve worn masks, we’ve worked from home, educated our kids at home, did our shopping curbside. We were responsible. We were grown-ups.

But now, the number of covid patients is skyrocketing. If we are so … read more.

Did You Just Touch Me?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve forgotten how to be together with more than one or two other people. I imagine many of our children have as well. I’ve had extended family over (post-vaccine) and really enjoyed it, and also worried the entire time … read more.

Getting the Twisties

Gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympics, and other gymnasts began explaining why. She had “the twisties,” which the Washington Post described:
“But then suddenly you’re upside down in midair and your brain feels disconnected from your body. Your limbs that usually control how much … read more.

Faith Development 8.2 to 8.8.21

My Wish List

Here is what I find myself wishing/hoping this week:
-We are actually able to be together on September 5
-We each stay healthy and safe until everyone is vaccinated
-Vaccine is available for younger children sooner than later
-Patience from the congregation as we ramp back … read more.

Faith Development 7.26 to 8.1.21

School is just around the corner and we still don’t know how the Delta variant will impact us going into fall, especially since our younger children (under 12) aren’t vaccinated. I know it is difficult for parents to even envision what things will look … read more.

Faith Development 7.19 to 7.25.21

I can’t wait to get back together and we will have many opportunities for all ages to create art together this fall. As you begin to shop for school supplies, consider picking up an extra pack of markers or colored pencils for our RE … read more.