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All classes this summer will begin 15 minutes after service, or by 11 am, and run for 50 minutes. Most classes will be intergenerational (all ages) through Labor Day. Classes are drop-in and are open to all (members, children, and guests).

Programming for All Ages

Unitarian Universalists believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit and that we learn best in community. The faith development program supports our congregational mission through classes and events designed to:

  • build an affirming and loving community among children and adults;
  • teach Unitarian Universalist values, history, and theological concepts;
  • encourage a spirit of inquiry in all facets of life; and
  • allow space for personal and communal learning and growth.

Living our faith is a part of who we are. We try to find ways in our classes, our program, and our community to help others and set a positive example. We hope you will join us!

Summer of Banned Books

Thanks to the Leander ISD school board, we have a large list of banned books to explore this summer.

These discussions will happen the third Sunday of each month: June 19, July 17, and August 21.

In June, the K-5th grade class will be reading “I Am Jazz,” “Jacob’s New Dress,” and “It Feels Good to Be Yourself.” In July, they will read “A is for Activist,” “Nasreen’s Secret School,” and “Separate Is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez and Her Family’s Fight for Desegregation.” In August they will read “This Day in June,” “And Tango Makes Three” and “Worm Loves Worm.” No pre-reading is required but parentsmay wish to read these books ahead of time to know what they are about.

The 6-12th graders are not expected to do any pre-reading but it is certainly encouraged. In June they will be discussing “Melissa” by Alex Gino, and “The 57 Bus: A True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime That Changed Their Lives”. The former book is recommended for the middle schoolers and the latter for high schoolers. In July, the two books are “New Kid” (recommended for middle schoolers) and “The Hate U Give” (high school). In August the selections are “Better Nate Than Ever” (middle school) and “Red at the Bone” (high school). The high school selections all include content warnings for adult language, violence and in some cases sex so you may wish to pre-read these with your child. Both books will be summarized and the reasons they have been banned will be discussed at the lesson but will be age-appropriate for ages 11 and up.

Adults, please pre-read the following books and come ready to discuss the reasons you think they have been banned in Leander ISD and other schools. In June, the book is “The 57 Bus: A True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime That Changed Their Lives;” in July the book is “Ordinary Hazards” by Nikki Grimes; and the August selection is “Red at the Bone.” While each of these books are young adult selections, there are content warning of adult topics.

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