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Embrace Joy
Enrich Connection
Encourage Growth
Empower Dreams

Welcome to Faith Development! Summer classes begin at 11:15 and typically will end at 12:15. Classes are drop-in and are open to all (members, children, and guests).

Programming for All Ages

Unitarian Universalists believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit and that we learn best in community. The faith development program supports our congregational mission through classes and events designed to:

  • build an affirming and loving community among children and adults;
  • teach Unitarian Universalist values, history, and theological concepts;
  • encourage a spirit of inquiry in all facets of life; and
  • allow space for personal and communal learning and growth.

Living our faith is a part of who we are. We try to find ways in our classes, our program, and our community to help others and set a positive example. We hope you will join us!

What’s Happening

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If you have questions, contact the Director of Lifespan Faith Dev at