Since March 2020, all musical events and performances have taken place online only.  We are actually including a greater variety of performers from the congregation online than we did meeting in the sanctuary!  It has been a delightful surprise!  I guess it is not unusual that most people would rather record themselves in the comfort of their own home than perform on the chancel in front of the congregation.  We hope we can continue to get the participation of new people when we are finally able to meet in person.  Anyone with music to offer is encouraged to contact Curtis White at

The description below is what our program has looked like in the past.  The future may be very similar, but until we are there, it is indefinite!


In any Live Oak service, there is going to be a variety of music.  It may be our choir, our beloved Steinway, our house band, our children, or other church musicians in any number of configurations.  It could be guest guitar players singing familiar tunes, a Klezmer group, a Classical Indian trio, soloists from UT, a Celtic duo, World Music, the possibilities are literally endless in this music-loving city.  Each service, we strive to carry the unique message of each sermon, through the power of music, to as many hearts as we can, in any way we can. Does this appeal to you? Are you interested in being part of our music making? We want to hear from you.

The Live Oak Choir 

A group of dedicated church members and friends, generally sings two Sundays per month.  Rehearsals take place on Wednesday nights, 7:30-9 pm. 

Children and Youth musicians Young musicians are encouraged to talk to Rebecca about being part of the music program!  Instrumental or vocal solos and groups are very welcome.  They add so much joy to the service! Their efforts are valued by the congregation.

Pop/Rock/Other musicians 

We frequently have services with contemporary music, and are lucky to have talented volunteers in our church family.  There is always a need for drummers, guitar players, and keyboard players.  If you identify with this type of music, let Curtis White know. (

Vocal/Instrumental Soloists or Ensembles

If you’re interested, please contact Curtis.  We often have songs that are key to the sermon topic, and Live Oak has an enthusiastic audience!