Here are important church policies.

Healthy Relationships

Maintaining Right Relations: Expectations and Remedies (Conflict resolution process) (2005?)


Safety Policy for Adult, Child and Youth Protection (March 27, 2014)
Icy Conditions Cancellation Policy (Unknown)

Budget and Finance

Administrator can drop off deposits (2020-03-15)
Investment Committee Creation Policy (2020-04-18)
Live Oak UU Future Fund (2023-07-23)
External Grant Tracking (2024-1-21)

Board Procedures

Church Bylaws (2023-05-21)
Board Request Form

Buildings & Grounds

Tenant Building Modification Policy (2022-02-20)

Special Circumstances

Empowering the Minister to Make More Decisions on Short Notice (2020-03-15)
Additional signatory on bank account (2020-03-15)
Employee pay during shelter-in-place orders (2020-03-15)


Privacy Policy (unknown)