The main goals of the Voting Rights Team at Live Oak are to register,
educate, and motivate voters. One initial goal is to be a 100% voting
congregation. We may already have reached that goal, but we will begin
documenting our numbers this summer. Here’s our Voting Pledge Card:

The LOUU Voting Rights Team has been busy.  We set up to register voters at the Fresh Food distribution 7/15.  We did register one client and hopefully others noted our presence there for future reference. 

We also met after the service 7/17 to prepare letters for  We completed 40 letters and are inspired to write more.  Unless you have great powers of concentration, it might work best to bring your completed letters to our next VoteForward gathering, and we can work together to get your letters folded, sealed, stamped, and addressed.  If you need help getting letters printed, let us know; we are a full-service team! We can provide stamps and envelopes.  You can help with these final steps even if you don’t have letters ready yourselves.  The next VoteForward work day will be announced soon.

Our LOUU voter pledge cards are now ready.  You’ll find them in the lobby every Sunday alongside the return box.  We hope to document with these cards that we are a 100% voting congregation.  We also hope people under the age of 18 will check the box that they’ll be voting when they are eligible.  We want to document how many VDRs and pollworkers we have at Live Oak too.   

Upcoming events will include a postcard writing campaign and more VoteForward opportunities.  We’ll be posting announcements this summer.

Remember, if you or someone you know needs to register to vote, contact our team—we have resources and stickers!

Wayne, Lyndy, Mary, Alison, Judy and Charles—the photographer—on July 17

For more information contact Judy Reynolds or
Wayne Gregory

The Voting Rights Team welcomes anyone who wants to work to strengthen our
democracy. All of our efforts with Live Oak will be non-partisan in order not to
jeopardize our tax status.

In the meantime, if you need to register or know someone who needs to, contact one of the volunteer deputy registrars in our congregation:

Travis and Williamson County 

Audrey McCann

Wayne Gregory

Judy Reynolds

Travis County

Lindy Dower

If you want to be part of the Live Oak Voting Rights Team, contact any of the people above.

If you would like to be a pollworker, contact


Vote by mail info:

Ballot by Mail directions from the Austin Area League of Women Voters:

Your Vote is Your Voice

Upcoming Elections

November 8, 2022 • General Election

Apply for Ballot by MailJan 1-Oct 28, 2022
Registration DeadlineOct 11, 2022
In-Person Early VotingOct 24-Nov 4, 2022
Election DayNov 8, 2022