When you come to Live Oak for the first time (and after that, too), we want you  to feel welcome, just as you are. Wear what feels comfortable — a lot of our folks wear jeans or other casual clothing, but some of our members enjoy being a little spruced up. Unless it’s a special occasion, you’ll probably want to put your kids in comfortable clothing, too – they may be going outside for a class about our connection to nature, or doing an art project.

Speaking of kids — we’ve made a choice to be deliberately intergenerational. Most families no longer have a ring of grandparents, aunts, and uncles that are around them on a regular basis. So we want to create some of that here. Our worship services are designed for all ages, because we want to come together as one community during those times. (We also realize that not all little children are ready for that – we have nursery care for infants*, and comfort rooms at the back of the sanctuary with clear windows and sound piped in so you can enjoy the service while rocking your little one or while your toddler plays at your feet.)

What not to expect: we’re not going to single you out, or ask you to stand up and introduce yourself. We hope you’ll stop by our Visitor’s Table so we can meet you, and you can ask us about whatever you’re curious about.

*That’s for your comfort, not ours. Breastfeeding/bottlefeeding parents and baby coo’s are always welcome in the church sanctuary!

Stage with musicians and dancers