Cancel Culture, Consequences, and Redemption

Societies have used public censure and shunning to punish social transgressions for thousands of years. Today, our instant communication has added a new twist to this. But after someone is shunned for bad behavior what comes next? How do we, as members of society, leave space for our errant members to learn, grow, and eventually rejoin us? Join guest speaker Michael Van Slyke as he explores a few ideas about appropriate apologies, redemption, and building a future where both of these things are more normalized.

Michael Van Slyke has been a member of Live Oak UU Church since 2014. He is an illustrator, luthier, singer. and crafter. He’s also a proud social justice warrior whose missives about history, justice, race, and progressivism can often be seen on his social media. He has sung for the Live Oak UU congregations many times and is now expanding into occasionally speaking his truth as a guest at the pulpit. He has been married to his smarter, more elegant better half, Harmoni Anderson since 2013.