This Week: Marci Marie!

I am so excited. This Sunday, I will be joined on the chancel by Marci Marie Simmons. From her bio: Marci Marie is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Lioness Justice Impacted Women’s Alliance. As a social media influencer and content creator she has over 280k followers on Tiktok and is the co-host of On the Rec Yard: Women’s Prison Podcast.  Marci uses her voice as a formerly incarcerated woman to educate others about the unique experience of surviving 10 years in a Texas prison. Known for her joyful disposition and openness, she focuses on healing with her family and community as she advocates for those most affected by the criminal justice system. Marci continues chasing her dreams while never forgetting about the women she left behind prison gates. She also serves on the board for The Second Chancer Foundation.

I got to know Marci Marie during my sabbatical, when I was exploring the wide world of TikTok. Here was this bubbly woman, talking about life in a penitentiary, from serious things like solitary confinement to funny things, like the treats she “baked” using a hair dryer and items from the commissary. Eventually, I learned she was here in Texas, working for reform and awareness about our prison system. We became “mutuals,” following each other’s accounts. I knew that I wanted to address the Texas prison system this year — there are so many things that most of us don’t know. I reached out to get information from Marci Marie, and she generously made time for me.

But hearing it from her is so powerful. Not expecting much (I mean, this is someone who has stayed at Rosie O’Donnell’s house!), I tentatively asked if she’d consider speaking to us. She didn’t hesitate. So this Sunday, I’ll be “interviewing” her during the worship service. (Do you have any questions you’d like me to ask? Send me an email at

I can’t wait for you to meet this dynamic, honest, and funny woman!

Marci Marie on Onward with Rosie O’Donnell