LOVE NOTES to Live Oak

Love Notes to Live Oak

Identify a place on the Live Oak campus Why is that place special to you?
Any place outside I am an outside person, so I always enjoy being out in the open, and we do have an attractive property. But most important is the fact that I have put in 20 years of physical labor to take care of this space. In some way I have been rewarded with property rights.
The flower garden by the main front door. It’s beautiful and I’ve learned a bit about it from Hella so I enjoy it even more. And it makes me think of Hella and her commitment.
The library I’ve always loved libraries and so, I guess, that has always extended to church libraries even going back to my childhood. I especially like the cozy size and the cozy seating in the Live Oak library. I’ve enjoyed sitting there alone on a weekday a few times to get some paperwork done and I’ve found interesting books.
Minister’s Study I am eternally grateful to the people who put it together. I regularly get the comment, “Oh, it’s so cozy in here!” The president, VP and I meet around the table for tea and planning, My books are right in front of my eyes. There is enough privacy that when people meet with me, we can discuss tender issues. I am very thankful.
The Labyrinth Dear Labyrinth, thank you for a place to recharge and connect. You can be a quiet and contemplative place or a place to connect with others. You are in nature but apart from it as well. You welcome me anytime I come to you, much like Live Oak itself.
The tiered bowls water feature outside the front door. I came to Live Oak during the pandemic, and at the curch enterance every Sunday this water became peace, community, and hope. Were I not a FL resident I would clean these bowls so the water of Live Oak flows unobstructed and clear.
The opening to the kitchen counter in the Narthex That’s where people like to gather
The Garden Shed I consider the shed to be Live Oak’s sweat lodge. A place of solitude but yet holds many of the church’s mysteries and history.
Sanctuary It is where music and moving moments happen and where I see lots of friends.
The Chalice Pathway I feel at peace and connected
The Adult RE Room A comfortable space where we can meet, study, and discuss important topics. The gathering spot to Encourage Growth.
The nursery and pre school rooms. They are both so open and bright, inviting both children and adults to come and play.