“A Great Ministry for the Neighborhood”

We have been having some great conversations this week, thanks to our pumpkin patch. People in the area are stopping by to check out the pumpkins, and are staying to chat about the church, Unitarian Universalism, and more. One person on Monday remarked that this was a great ministry for the neighborhood.

We’re getting to know our community partners, too. Scout Troop #1277 was amazing on Sunday – scouts and their parents helped us unload all the pumpkins, and have helped us during the week, too. On Tuesday, I got to get to know one of the parents and her parents — who are UUs in Carrollton!

What does it mean for a church to be a good neighbor? We’re in such a unique location, since we very literally are nestled in a neighborhood rather than a business section. There are people here both from the senior residential center and the surrounding homes who come over on a regular basis to walk our labyrinth, sit on our benches, or play Pokémon.

This Sunday, our hospitality takes the form of “Family Fun Day.” It’s the brainchild of our creative president, Joel Bercu, who envisioned a day when families throughout our larger parish could come with their kids just to have fun, see who we are, and meet others. Krystle Gervais and Jackie West jumped on that idea, bring their expertise and expanding the event to include local businesses who are hosting game booths, with food trucks, a bouncy house, petting zoo, live music, and more.

I’m curious what you think – for me, it seems like this has been the year where we really stepped into being a community center that is here for our wider community, with get-out-the-vote efforts, Fresh Food for All, sponsoring a community vigil after a heartbreaking tragedy, hosting the Cedar Park/Leander Pride festival, the Pumpkin Patch, Family Fun Day, and this December, an expanded ‘Selfies with Santa” festival. All that while showing up at the Texas Capitol, school board and city council meetings to work for justice.

What should we do to be a good neighbor in 2024?

Unloading the Pumpkins!