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Where Are You Finding Renewal?

When I was a kid, we had a cat named Sam. Like most cats, he spent most of his days snoozing in sunbeams. But on the morning the first Autumn cool front hit, Sam would go racing out the back door, across the yard, and up a tall oak tree. All these years later, whenever the first real cool front comes in, as it did this week, I go back to that moment – standing in the back door, laughing and laughing at that kitty cat. After zipping up the tree, he’d usually zip back down, and fairly bounce all around the yard.

I guess this was the first experience I had with renewal, seeing how something could energize you, bring some zip into your spirit, even if the you was a cat.

This was a very hot, very long summer. Whether you get your news online, in a paper, or on tv, it is rarely uplifting. I know many of our members are involved in election efforts – either blockwalking for particular issues or candidates or assisting with Get Out the Vote campaigns. Great and important work, but it can be wearing, too.

So, where are you finding renewal?

When the cool front hit, were you able to go outside? Did you take a walk or drink your coffee on your back patio? Did you open the windows to let the cool breezes in?

Rest and renewal are two different things. Renewal comes from what feeds us, what opens us up again to creativity and energy.  Paradoxically, we may feel very tired, but what we need is not rest, it is to push ourselves to be around friends, take a run, or work in our garden. That is what will give us the “soul rest” we need.

For Sam the cat, it was a wild sprint up a tall tree on a brisk day. What is it for you?