The Big 3-0!

It’s kind of difficult to look too far in the future right now, when we don’t even know what life will be like in February. But sometimes, an event is so momentous, we need to give it its proper attention well in advance. This October, Live Oak will celebrate its 30th Anniversary!!! This is no little thing. This church went from being an idea that a few people chatted about to being an established institution in our community that area leaders respect. I hope we can do it up big, with a giant celebration attended by local leaders, past and current members, and hopefully potential members! So, we need a team, and I am asking for your help. We’ll be combining this with our annual canvass, so the ideal team will include people who:
  • Enjoy and are skilled at throwing parties
  • Know the history of Live Oak
  • Can write press releases
  • Can create an anniversary logo and other graphic elements
  • Can decorate our space
  • Like to shop
  • Can come up with themes and creative ideas
  • Can turn those ideas into reality
  • Love this church and are full of enthusiasm
  • Enjoy and are skilled at the organizational side – keeping us on our deadlines, tracking expenses, etc.
Are you any of those people? Let me know!