Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church (Live Oak) is a diverse and welcoming community based on liberal religious values. We gather together to explore our spiritual journeys, make connections, transform lives, and work to heal our world.

Live Oak is a multi-generational congregation that is committed to providing a secure and loving environment in which children can receive a world-based religious education. Established in 1992, our church has approximately 170 adult members and numerous children and youth.

Unitarian Universalists believe in the dignity and worth of every person, reverence for all life, and freedom of the individual to develop his or her own beliefs in personally meaningful ways. At Live Oak, we embrace the rich tapestry of world spiritual beliefs that promote love, reason, and the freedom of individuals to choose their own unique spiritual paths.

We promote programs, events, and activities throughout the year where we grow together and work for a more just and compassionate world. Our religion boasts a long and proud heritage of progressive social action, and we continue that leadership today.

Our Mission is to:

Embrace Joy
Enrich Connections
Encourage Growth
Empower Dreams