The Eclipse is Coming! – I Need Your Ideas!

In case you haven’t heard, a total eclipse is coming to Central Texas on Monday, April 8. We’ll be having our own event, Eclipse on the Labyrinth. (If you have any ideas about making this a blast and would like to help make it happen, send me an email and let me know!)

People from all over the country are headed our way – hotels, motels, and campsites are all booked. We’re interested in creating a fundraiser around this need – opening our guest bedrooms to visitors, for a donation to Live Oak.

So how to do that? I have no idea! We could do it in an entirely casual way – everyone who is willing can simply let their friends know. Or maybe there’s a bigger/more organized way? If you have any idea about how to do “Live Oak AirBnB,” again, send me an email!

And lastly … we’ll want to have lots of Eclipse Glasses on hand. So, scientists in the congregation – how do we find legitimate (but not too pricy) glasses?