Back in the Building This Sunday

This Sunday, per the Risk-Based Staging (see below grid) recommended by the Safety Team and adopted by the Board, and the current staging for Austin, we will be returning to indoor in-person worship services at Live Oak, with livestreaming of the 9:30 service.

We consider this to be akin to a restaurant’s “soft opening,” e.g. have patience, this is another pivot of doing things in a new way.

How it will work:

  • For all those who attend in person, if you are eligible for vaccination, vaccination is expected. (We understand those under 5 are not yet eligible, and those 5-11 may have only received their first dose.)
  • Masks are required on everyone over 2. Speakers and singers may remove their masks for performance.
  • Singing (with masks on) is allowed for the congregation.
  • We will hold two services, to allow for social distancing. Alternate rows will be blocked off, and everyone is encouraged to sit with their “family pod.”

9:30 am first worship service, also livestreamed

10:30 am online fellowship time, in-person fellowship (no food/drink) – while the weather is nice, you are encouraged to fellowship outside. Masks optional outside. Faith development: read our Director of Lifespan Faith Development’s schedule for adult and children’s religious education classes and options for young families interested in attending in-person worship.

11:30 am second worship service.

Have any questions? Please email me –

Lastly – along with a preemptive request for patience and grace, I want to thank you for all the patience, grace, and encouragement we have given to one another through this time. It’s hard to believe we once lived in a time where some churches wouldn’t even change their liturgy for decades, and now within less than 2 years, we’ve gone from in-person, to zoom, to youtube, to outdoor/multiplatform, and now back inside to something completely new. A huge thank you to all of our leaders who have been instrumental in making all of this possible, especially C.T. Goss, Joel Bercu, Eileen Bercu, and Mike Schultz. And our amazing staff, Carrie Krause, Rebecca Maze, Diane Stepakof-Fay, and Harmoni Anderson, who have truly been living life in beta, pivoting every week to accommodate changing circumstances.

Rev. Joanna