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Getting the Most Out of the Online Sunday Worship Service and Fellowship Time


Our Sunday Worship service is held on the Youtube Premiere platform. You don’t need to download anything, just follow the link. However, if you want to participate in “chat,” sign up for a google/gmail account if you don’t already have one.

For Fellowship Time after the service: Get set up with Zoom. Zoom is actually pretty easy, but you need to download the app onto your computer, tablet, or phone. Do that today. Reach out to if you run into questions.

Get out your chalice. We’ll be lighting a chalice at the beginning of the service, and you’ll be prompted to light your own chalice. Don’t have a chalice? Look around your house. A tea candle in a bowl, a special candleholder – what looks like a chalice to you?

Throw away expectations, and be open to the new! We’re not trying to recreate the standard worship service. It’s a different experience, to be together online, and it even has some advantages.

Be prepared to adjust your sound. There’s no way to equalize the volume on all the videos, so you may need to adjust your computer volume up or down during the service.

On the side of your screen, you’ll see a chat box. During the service, you’ll be prompted to type in responses to rituals, a reflection question, and joys/sorrows.

During the chalice lighting, type in where you are lighting your chalice, e.g. “The chalice is lit at the Crawford home.”

Joys and Sorrows are now separated. At the end of the service, you will be prompted to share any sorrows or concerns you have. If someone expresses a difficult sorrow, you can “hug” them by typing double parentheses marks around their name: ((Agnes)) After a couple of minutes, the music will change, and you will be prompted to then share any joys.

Bring the whole family! Our services continue to be created with an intergenerational community in mind – complete with a “Big Idea.”

Sing away! There will be hymns.

Experiment! Maybe watch the service on your television, if you’re handy with plugging your computer into the tv. But have someone else keep a phone or laptop open (muted) so you can participate in the chat elements.

At the end of the service, we’ll post a link in the Zoom chat for “Fellowship Hour.” There, we’ll be in Zoom meeting mode, so we can see and hear each other. We gather for just a few minutes as one large group, then everyone is randomly broken into smaller groups for a deeper check-in and discussion. It’s a great way to get to know someone new. At the end, we come back into the larger group to see if any groups want to lift up something their group discussed.

As always … expect imperfection. Our goal for the worship services is to give everyone a vehicle for connecting with each other and feeling connected to our beloved church. And … we are SO “in beta” with this. There will be glitches. It will be messy. We need your patience and your sense of humor! Please attend as a covenanted participant and not a theater critic.

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