What about the Grown-ups?

Last week I posted about my excitement for the upcoming year and gave highlights of the children and youth programming. This week let’s look at what is in store for the adults in the congregation. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, I hope you will see something that piques your interest.

We will continue our Sunday morning drop-in sessions, with an effort to have them most Sundays throughout the year. This requires people committed to facilitating these groups, so I will be offering a facilitator training this fall for those who are interested in learning how to be a more effective facilitator and move into leadership as discussion leaders.

Since our theme is the 7 principles, many of the drop-in sessions will be a deeper look at that month’s principle and how we understand it and live it in our daily lives. In addition we will offer some themed drop-in sessions on death and dying, corruption in democracy, Universalism 101, miracles (the transcendent), and spiritual practices.

In addition there are plans to offer the New UU class, a weekend workshop on Articulating Your UU Faith, and an experimental online class on spiritual practices. Finally, there is an opportunity to develop chalice circles for deepening learning opportunities — more about this in the fall.

If all of that isn’t enough for you, there are two more formats we will offer this year. One is a continuation of our multigenerational learning Sundays – think Valentine’s for Lege. I really encourage adults to join in the activities alongside the children and youth to build the community we profess to be. The second is right in line with the first and is called Community Night (first Saturday of most months starting October). I’ll give you more information about that in September.

See you on Sunday,
Carrie Krause, DLFD