Speaker: Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford

Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford joined Live Oak as our minister in August 2014.

Sarah’s Thanksgiving

The United States was divided into friend and foe, and many were heartsick. It was 1863, and the Unitarian editor of a popular magazine wrote an editorial begging President Lincoln for a national holiday so that “every one who claims the name of American, wherever … read more.

The Opposite of the Borg

November’s theme is the continuum between individualism and collectivism.  Fiction has given us stories about the dangers of ultra-collectivism. Reality is showing us the danger of ultra-individualism.

Becoming Trustworthy

Right now, our world needs people of character we can turn to, individuals we can trust to model better ways of living and to share factual information, whose honesty and integrity make them worthy of our trust.