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Phoenix Rising

The myth of the glorious Phoenix, the Firebird, rising from the ashes of its former self or from the flames of devastation is attributed to ancient Egypt. It was thought to be a sacred bird associated with the sun god.  In subsequent centuries other cultures—Greek, … read more.

Ain’t That America

Live Oak Members Joel Bercu, Oliver Goss, Cindy La Greca and Carmen Rumbaut, share their thoughts about changes that could be made in the United States so that we might better live into the promise and potential of this nation.

Opening the Question Box

Every year, members give Rev. Joanna their questions, and she answers them in this service. Come join us for answers about Unitarian Universalism, Live Oak, and anything else members have curiosity about.

Annual Choir Service

Our musicians continue the amazing work they’ve done in our virtual sanctuary, sharing special music in this worship service dedicated to the power of melody. 

Side with Love

Love is asking us to live our values, be hospitable and inclusive, educate for liberation, restore and repair, and most importantly, to Side with Love. Join us for this special service featuring stirring music, deep-hearted reflection, and moving testimonies from a range of UU leaders.