Surviving to Thriving: Sustaining Ourselves this Election Season

June 9, 2024 by AJ Juraska.

It may only be June, but the November presidential election is less than 150 days away and campaigns are going to be ramping up soon. In this heated season, how can we work towards justice and equity while also not losing our own humanity in the process? Is balance possible to find in our lives when our country’s future is on the line? How can we engage without getting overwhelmed (and what if we’re already at our limits)? Join us as we explore ways to not only survive but thrive throughout the election season.

AJ Juraska (they/them) is a Unitarian Universalist and seminary student at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Prior to going to seminary, AJ worked in nonprofit leadership for over a decade where they oversaw analytics and evaluation. While in school, AJ has continued to support nonprofits around the country as a part time consultant. In their spare time, AJ enjoys registering people to vote, volunteering on campaigns, and advocating for justice and equity. AJ lives in Austin with their husband and two beloved, rambunctious dogs.