Live Oak Nursery – Room 105

Crawlers up to Age 3

Drop off is 10 minutes prior for worship services and 10:00 AM Religious Ed. Classes 

PICK UP by 12:00 PM

Our Nursery is open each Sunday during both Worship Services and Religious Education classes. The room is designed to provide a comfortable place to spend time and explore. When you arrive, you are invited to settle your child(ren) into the Nursery. Parents must sign child(ren) in and out of the Nursery using the sheets on the cart outside the room. You must remain on church grounds while your child is in our care. Please notify the providers where they can locate you if necessary. Visitors should complete the visiting child release form.

Children of all ages are welcome in the Sanctuary during worship. The sounds of children laughing and crying bless our congregation. In addition, you may use the comfort rooms located at the back of the sanctuary. These rooms are sound proof and have speakers so you may hear the service.

For additional information please contact Harmoni Anderson, Childcare Coordinator at