Learning Together

Intentional opportunities for multigenerational learning are part of my mission as Director of Lifespan Faith Formation. I believe that the church community is one of the rare remaining places where children, youth and all ages of adults are in a covenanted relationship of mutual respect and care. Worshipping together is one way we learn in multigenerational community. We will also have a few multigenerational learning events each year.

Upcoming Multigenerational Learning –

October 27 – Action Sunday – Cards of Compassion

November 24 – Action Sunday – Thanksgiving Project

February 9 – Action Sunday – Valentines for Children’s Hospital

March 29 – Community Sunday – Unbirthday Celebration

This year we will also introduce Community Nights on the first night of each month except December, starting on October 5th. Please plan to join us as we take time to enrich community together. These events will be all-church potluck events with no childcare offered. Think of Sunday dinners with conversation, games or activities to follow. A team of dedicated Live Oak members are helping to plan and implement the nights. Stay tuned for more information!

Creating Valentines in support of detained immigrants – February 11, 2018

PC: Pat Connor