Perhaps You Have Been Called “for Just Such a Time as This”

It’s interesting. “Shared Ministry” is a term often used in UU churches, in order to be clear that everything we do is ministry – it’s not just what the minister does, it’s the work done by the pastoral care team, the Fun & Fellowship team, the Stewardship team, etc.

But what we don’t often hear is “Shared Leadership” which may be an even greater thing to understand.

Our congregation, like all UU churches, is owned by its members. We do not have a diocese that owns our property and makes our key decisions, it is all up to our members. As members, we elect a Board to make decisions on our behalf, with our input.

Live Oak does have staff – Our Director of Lifespan Faith Development and I are the only full-time employees, we also have a part-time administrator and music director.

The vast amount of the decisions that are made, the strategies that are acted upon, come from our leaders. And this is the key point about church leadership – members share the job. Everyone with leadership qualities is expected to take a turn, so that Live Oak can continue progressing our mission.

This Pandemic year has been a difficult one, but I believe that Live Oak has cause to look at all that we have accomplished with great pride. We are writing the history of this congregation, and it is an impressive and generous story.

We already have some leadership vacancies that need to be filled, and I know the Nominating Committee is already hard at work for the June Board positions. This next year is going to be a crucial one as we make it through the pandemic and transition into whatever will be the “After Times.”

If you are identified as a person with the type of leadership we need right now, please think deeply about it. I don’t often talk about “duty,” but the truth is, leadership is a responsibility we all share, taking turns with the needed roles. And to go all biblical on you … “And who knows but that you have come to your position for such a time as this?”