Looking Forward to Oct. 31

Along with the deep and serious concerns that the pandemic has raised, a small thing I’ve heard numerous times, often with a wistful sigh, is that of “missing being able to look forward to something.” After so many canceled trips, canceled concerts, we are wary of making plans. We are perhaps even warier of getting our hopes up.

But we are being brave and darn it, we are making plans and getting our hopes up for Halloween, which this year, falls on a Sunday! More details will be developed over the month, but now is the time to begin thinking about your costume. We encourage everyone, all ages, to dress up for church that Sunday, whether you’ll be at Live Oak in person or on camera for Fellowship time.

One of the losses of the pandemic time has definitely been FUN. As Donna said nostalgically in the movie Mamma Mia, “I used to have fun …” We remember how to do this, right? Start planning your costume today!

A picture of me in middle school. I have zero memory of this. I wonder what else I have repressed. I do, however, remember that blazer, which Mom got not as a costume, but because she had an unnatural love of plaid. Perhaps this was a performance art protest.