Lighting Up for What’s Right

Is your heart breaking? Mine, too.

Story after story has come this summer of the atrocity being done by the US government in putting people in concentration camps. Those seeking safety in sanctuary churches are receiving letters claiming they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines (and implying the church will be liable). And the news is that there will be another round of ICE Raids this weekend.

So what can we do?

First — guard against the instinct to re-post on social media unsubstantiated rumors of ICE raids. Those who work to help communities at risk point out that this escalates the fear and is often unhelpful. The real threats get drowned out in the rumors. Post only from verified sources.

Second — know your rights, and share with anyone you know at risk.

Third– join with others this Friday in the nationwide “Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps.” These vigils will be held at the camps, state capitols, and courthouses. In our area, there are three close choices:

Williamson County – Lights for Liberty: “We will be meeting on the north side of the library (on 8th Street) at 7:30. We will then march three blocks to the east side of the Historic Courthouse. If you prefer, you can meet us there at approximately 8:00. Please bring a candle, real or battery, or your phone with the candle app.”

Lights for Liberty – T. Don Hutto Detention Center (Taylor): see discussion at the link for where to park, go, etc.

Lights for Liberty – Austin, TX (Tx State Capitol):  meeting on the South Steps of the Capitol.