It’s the Great Canvass, Charlie Brown!

Ah, the little bit of coolness in our Central Texas air, Halloween decorations going up around town, and seasonal coffee drinks available from your favorite barista. It’s clear. STEWARDSHIP TIME is upon us.

It is serious business, of course. The annual canvass is when everyone fills out a form indicating what their intentions are for supporting the church financially during the next year. We have to have that completed in order to create the 2022 budget, which has to be voted on at the December 2022 meeting in order for us to continue operating and paying our bills. So, yes, serious business indeed. Get your generous pledge in early and with a little (or a lot) of an increase, if you can, so we can do GREAT things with much love in the next year.

But also … it’s fun.

It’s a time of recommitting to this church we love, and a time of celebration. After this past year … er, 20 months … I am aching for celebration. We have so much to celebrate. Good health of both our members and our church. Continuing and in some ways, a strengthened community. And the really justified hope that things are going to begin to get better.

The fact that our Celebration Sunday (the last day of the canvass, when we try to get every last pledge in) is falling on Halloween this year has me as bouncing-off-the-walls excited as a 7-year-old who wakes up Halloween morning, immediately puts on their costume, and sits in front of the tv eating 3 bowls of Count Chocula while watching the Scooby Doo Halloween special. And the fun is for all ages. Everyone is encouraged to come in costume October 31. I am already hearing whispered secrets about planned outfits. The bar is going to be high. GO ALL OUT is what I’m saying. The next time Halloween falls on a Sunday will be 2027.

Fun List for October:

Email Alyssa with what you’d like to donate to the stewardship raffle

Plan your costume

Get your pledge in early

Bring a friend Sunday, Oct. 31