Chalice Circles are intentional small learning groups (8-10 people) that encourage sharing through deep listening. Groups build relationships that that strengthen community and spirit. All groups begin with RECONNECT and then have the option to continue with a new topic, or join another group focused on a topic below. Circles remain closed until one topic is completed. However, new members may be added at the start of a new series. Therefore, registration remains open throughout the year.

Groups choose how and where they meet, including an option for virtual meetings. Each meeting is 90 minutes long and includes opening words, check-in, readings, reflection and a closing. Read more about each topic below.


Reconnect (All groups will start with this)

Six sessions, created by UUA staff, to help us reconnect.

…We may be awkward. We may feel uncomfortable. Large groups of people may feel like “too much” for many of us.

We are creating this series paying attention to the trauma we have been through. …these sessions allow people to reconnect in gentle ways that invite them to share at the level they feel comfortable sharing. Sessions will integrate small reminders about trauma and ways to gently connect with the nervous system.

UUA website,

Becoming: Navigating Adulthood

Adapted from the book of the same title by Kayla Parker

Six sessions designed to provide meaningful spiritual reflection for young adults. However, they are beneficial for any age as a reflection into your own relationship with transition and change.

The Sustainable Soul: Eco-Spiritual Reflections

Adapted from the book of the same title by Rebecca James Hecking

Six sessions rooted in our connection to the earth and nature. Reflections offer the chance to share deeply about our relationship with all beings and nature, linking directly to our 7th principle.

Deepening Our Shared Theology

Six Sessions use James Luther Adams 5 Smooth Stones as a starting point to share your personal relationship with Unitarian Universalist theology, values and principles. One goal of these sessions is a clearer understanding of our shared theology, fostered by deep listening.