Our offerings happen throughout the week. Links for gatherings can be found on our What’s Happening page. Here is just a sample of what we offer.

Weekday Opportunities

In addition there are opportunities during the week to join virtually and in person for the following events which promote community:

  • Lunch with the Minister
  • Senior Coffee Hour

Chalice Circles

Are you ready to commit to regular gatherings focused on deeper listening to each other? Chalice Circles are small groups focused on meaningful connection. A group of 8-10 people commit to meet regularly throughout the year for dialogue on topics to enrich their faith development. Live Oak staff provides the facilitation materials, and individual groups determine when to meet and how to share leadership responsibilities. Members follow the guidelines for participation in a covenant group, which include a commitment to show up and to share the time.

Ad-Hoc Classes

Periodically we have classes that meet for a set period of time during the week or on Sundays. Stay tuned for updates on those offerings as they arise.

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