Faith Development and Connection

We have a phrase we use a lot around here –
Faith development is all we do.
Unitarian Universalism is the faith we teach.
The congregation is the curriculum.
~Connie Goodbread

This congregation still exists beyond the brick and mortar walls. That was evident on Sunday morning as we worshipped online and held each other in sacred space, even with our coffee and pajamas and pets. So I ask you, in this time when we are connecting online, what does faith development look like?

The people are the congregation, so what are we teaching and learning together right now? How does it reflect Unitarian Universalism? I’ll tell you what I’ve seen. Congregants are offering help to those who need groceries or other supplies. People are gathering virtually to practice how to do the tech that is keeping us connected. Resources are being shared for how to educate at home and entertain children. Creative ways to connect and have fun are being shared and enjoyed by our members.

Love is the spirit of this church and that is been more than evident these past two weeks. It is all so beautiful and I see you! Let’s be sure we are reaching out to people who are new and getting them the information they need to connect. If you have an idea for faith development for any age, let me know at, but don’t be surprised when I ask you to help make it happen!

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“See” you on Sunday,