Did You Just Touch Me?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve forgotten how to be together with more than one or two other people. I imagine many of our children have as well. I’ve had extended family over (post-vaccine) and really enjoyed it, and also worried the entire time we were together. And when they want to hug me, I find myself more than a little nervous.

Truthfully, I’m not a big hugger. I reserve that intimacy of touch for those people who I am really close to. Most times that is my husband, children, and grandbaby. Occasionally it is a friend or extended family. But right now, I don’t know what that before-times behavior looks like. I don’t know when I will know how to have a conversation face to face and look someone in the eye without feeling awkward. When I see a crowded area, even on the walking trail, I take a wide path and sometimes find myself holding my breath.

So I find myself wondering what this will feel like for the congregation — this return to being together as a group. We are not a monolith so I recognize our comfort levels will vary greatly. I know some of you love hugs and standing close. Others want space, even before COVID times. One thing I know is that as we return, our spiritual practice will need to be one of consent.

Young children won’t remember what it was like to be in church. They may be noisier than they were before or more wiggly. Let’s embrace it!

Older children and youth who haven’t seen each other may be exuberant or they might be shy around others. Let’s go with the flow.

Adults may be spilling over with news to share or, like me, forgotten how to have a conversation and be uncomfortable talking. Let’s be spacious.

And most importantly, do what is right for yourself and your family. Only you know what your comfort level is. If it helps to know, safety is key on the minds of your staff as we look at returning in-person. We follow the science and remain open to change. Hmmm, that sounds like good Unitarian Universalist theology right there!

*See* you on Sunday,
Carrie, DLFD

Faith Development 8.9 to 8.15.21

I’m starting to get questions about programming and all I can say right now is, I’m planning to start our programming in October. Whenever we come back in person, we will start with outdoor activities and games that require supervision of parents/families as I recruit our volunteers for the year.

Please provide me some perspective on your comfort level for participation via this POLL, and/or join me via zoom for a realtime conversation on August 15 at 1:00 PM. [Link for zoom meeting will be provided closer to the date.]

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

We plan to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL) programming this year, dependent on the availability of facilitators. However, more important than OWL programming is learning how to be in covenantal community again, and that is what we will start with!

When we do return to OWL, we will start from scratch at the appropriate age groupings, without any catchup or remedial classes. This decision is based on discussions with experienced OWL facilitators and religious educators who have tried it both ways! Your faith development leadership can provide materials for you to use at home if you need help. I will know more about what we will offer and when, once we have an actual return date.

Current Programming

Our online Nursery/PreK children’s chapel continues this Sunday at 9:15 am with Ms. Harmoni. Children up through age 7 are invited to join her for a 30-minute chapel before our regular worship begins. Children’s Chapel

All other ages are encouraged to participate in worship services in the chat. This is the last week to turn in your completed summer journal. Submit the form, and receive a sweet treat!

Adult Faith Development

Join our fellowship hour discussions to deepen your connection to others and reflect on the morning’s worship focus.

Adult Faith Development programming restarts in the Fall. Watch for Chalice Circle sign-ups and more publicity in late August. You can read what is in store on the Adults page. Please note that dates are subject to change once we know our in-person start date.