Faith Development 8.2 to 8.8.21

My Wish List

Here is what I find myself wishing/hoping this week:
-We are actually able to be together on September 5
-We each stay healthy and safe until everyone is vaccinated
-Vaccine is available for younger children sooner than later
-Patience from the congregation as we ramp back up
-Sufficient volunteers to provide programming for all ages
-Gentleness with each other as we learn how to be face-to-face again

Faith Development for Families

I’m starting to get questions about programming and all I can say right now is, I’m planning to start our programming in October. Prior to that I will set up games and outdoor activities for any families that bring their children. However, these activities need to be supervised by parents.

We plan to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL) programming this year, dependent on the availability of facilitators. This includes the completion of the elementary class that was interrupted and offering the entire 8th/9th grade component, including those youth who started it online. However, more important than OWL programming is learning how to be in covenantal community again, and that is what we will start with!

Please provide me some perspective on your comfort level for participation via this POLL, and/or join me via zoom for a realtime conversation on August 15 at 1:00 PM. [Link for zoom meeting will be provided closer to the date.]

Our online Nursery/PreK children’s chapel continues this Sunday at 9:15 am with Ms. Harmoni. Children up through age 7 are invited to join her for a 30-minute chapel before our regular worship begins. 

All other ages are encouraged to participate in worship services in the chat. Be sure to let me know if you have completed your summer journal. Submit the form, and receive a sweet treat!

Adult Faith Development

Join our fellowship hour discussions to deepen your connection to others and reflect on the morning’s worship focus.

Adult Faith Development programming restarts in the Fall. Watch for Chalice Circle sign-ups and more publicity in late August.

Carrie, DLFD