Faith Development 2.8 to 2.14.21

What’s new or time-sensitive!

Parents and Caregivers as Sexuality Educators

I’m so excited that we have a group! There is still some room and I’m leaving registration open until February 14. Are you interested in participating? Please fill out this form.

Using a small group ministry format, sessions are designed to meet the needs of adults raising children of a wide age range, from elementary through high school. Like OWL workshops, these sessions build comfort in talking about sexuality-related topics and offer skill-building activities. The sessions address topics also provided in OWL sexuality education for youth ages 12-14 (grades 7–9), but these sessions focus on the participants’ needs as parents and caregivers. Participants are invited to engage deeply with their hopes and fears, their values and practices.

Where the OWL junior high program delivers a great deal of important knowledge, this program emphasizes the ongoing adult responsibility to seek and share accurate, current information, as needed, with their child or youth. The sessions also help adults build skills for healthy family communication. Communication is the foundation of this program, just as it is the foundation of healthy relationships within and beyond families.

Faith Development for Families

This week in online RE classes:

  • 9:15 – 9:45 AM PreK Class will have a lesson on Valentine’s Day.
  • 11:30 – 12:15 AM Elementary and Middle School classes meet. This Sunday our elementary classes will finish up their current anti-racism curriculum with a final lesson on prejudice, stereotyping and bullying. Middle School will continue Popcorn Theology with the topic of second chances and forgiveness using clips from Hoosiers.

Links to our classes are emailed to families who are registered in the program. New to Live Oak? If you are interested in visiting a class, and are not registered for RE, please send me an email at You can register by clicking HERE.

Can’t make the scheduled RE time? No worries. As we say, families are the primary religious educators. All lesson plans are available to registered families via Live Oak Padlet. (Registration link in sidebar.) Lesson plans on the site include optional activities for home related to each session.

Don’t forget to visit the Parent Resource page on our website for ways to support your family.

Adult Faith Development

Monthly Learning Opportunities

Our online, asynchronous anti-racism book group starts on 2/15. If you are still interested and can get the book in time (Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X Kendi), please reach out to Carrie at the email at the bottom of the page.

Have an idea for a one time or ongoing online gathering that you are willing to lead? If you do, let us know and we’ll help with scheduling and publicity. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter for opportunities for online engagement.

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