Excited for the Year

Even as I frantically divide my time between work and closing out my father’s estate, I am reflecting on what excites me about coming into a new church year. August 1st will be the start of year 3 for me at Live Oak and while I never feel quite in my groove — always trying to innovate — I feel I better understand the congregational ethos and am adjusting my own expectations so I experience less frustration and disappointment. Not an easy task for a perfectionist!

So what excites me this year? We are taking a deep dive into our 7 principles and it offers opportunities for wonderful intergenerational and multigenerational learning. I’ve drafted my master calendar for the year based on discussions at the Faith Development Retreat and it’s full of opportunities to look both inward for our own spiritual understanding and outward to the larger world.

Next week I’ll give you some highlights for the adults, but here is some of what is in store for the children:

  • Anti-racism/Anti-oppression through the lenses of immigration and historical black UUs
  • Lessons on loss
  • Animal Myths/Natural world
  • Transcendent experience
  • Social Action Sundays


  • Coming of Age Retreat
  • Youth Rallies
  • Building a principled society
  • Living our Principles
  • Social Action Opportunities
  • 7th/8th Grade OWL

I’m excited and would love some of you to take the journey along with the children and youth. Become a beloved mentor or guide for our faith development classes. Help plan and coordinate one or more of the multigenerational learning opportunities coming up this year. Whether it’s once a month, one month of Sundays, or nearly every week, your help is appreciated and vital.

When we dedicate children in our community we covenant to help raise them up in our congregation and in our faith. Being a leader in your faith development program is part of that promise and I guarantee you will learn as much or more than you ‘teach.’

See you on Sunday,
Carrie Krause, DLFD