Environmental Legislative Action Needed

The Texas Legislature has spent most of their attention on Blackout response bills that try to improve and weatherize power plants. While we need to weatherize our power grid to lessen the chances it will go down again during a polar vortex, they haven’t spent nearly as much time working on bills that put people first and address their needs. 
It’s time our state leaders listen to you!If you want them to focus on solutions that put people first, not corporate polluters, give them a call today. 

Reducing Methane Pollution

The House Environmental Regulations Committee will take up HB 896 and HB 897, both by Rep. Ron Reynolds, today! These bills would help reduce pollution from the oil and gas industry. HB 896 would require the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to adopt new inspection and maintenance requirements for all existing and new oil and gas wells and associated equipment that would lead to major reductions in venting, flaring, and fugitive emissions of methane. HB 897 would require TCEQ and the Railroad Commission to study best practices to reduce methane pollution and other pollutants, including reviewing other state regulations, federal regulations, and incentives, and reporting the study by January of 2022.

Weatherizing Texas
There are two bills that would increase the state’s goal for energy efficiency – SB 243 by Sen. Sarah Eckhardt and HB 4556 by Rep. Rafael Anchia. These identical bills would dramatically improve programs that help Texans weatherize their homes, lower their electric bills, and reduce pollution from power plants.

Thank You for taking action!
From: Members of the Live Oak Environmental Awareness Group
Any questions: Please contact Chris Mihealsick: environment@liveoakuu.org