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The Environmental Awareness Group meets monthly on the fourth Thursday, 6:30-7:30, and explores a variety of topics and plans for action. This is an intergenerational group for anyone 14 years or over.

Below is a list of resources and plans for group discussion and activities.

For questions or further information, contact Chris Mihealsick.

Zoom link: link.liveoakuu.org/Environment.  Information will also appear on the What’s Happening webpage.

 Environmental Awareness Group: First 5 Months Focus- Climate Change

2/25 –  Science of Climate Change – The greenhouse effect, gasses that contribute to global warming, and human impact. 

Reading: Short selection from: “Dire Predictions – Understanding Climate Change.  The Visual Guide to the Findings of the IPCC” by Mann and Kump.

Reading Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GH-1cQrhDTxhKG1pQcrsB9iQLrBhy563/view?usp=sharing

Monthly Sustainability Challenge: What’s a carbon footprint? Calculate your carbon footprint using an online calculator. Knowledge is power – the first step to sustainability is measuring personal impact. 


3/25 – Climate Change, extreme cold events, and the resilience of electric grids


How Climate Change can make it colder – the Polar Vortex


Texas and California’s Electric Grid Troubles and Climate Resiliency


Monthly Sustainability Challenge: Project Drawdown – opens 4/1 – 4/30. Global challenge to reduce carbon emissions/reduce your carbon footprint. We can join others from around the world in taking steps in April to reduce our emissions. 


4/22 – Impacts of Climate Change – Wildfires, sea level rise, large storm events, and more.

Reading: Climate Change impacts are happening right now – Bill McKibben, The Guardian 


Intro from The Water Will Come – by Jeff Goodell


Quarterly Take Action Project – Any climate change (or environmental) bills in the Texas Legislature? Could we write emails to our local representatives in support of these bills?

5/27- Climate Change and Poverty– Climate change has disproportionate impacts on the global poor, including consequences and adaptation abilities 

Reading: “The Climate Divide” by Andrew Revkin


Monthly Sustainability Challenge:  Personal carbon reduction goal. Based on your personal results from the carbon footprint calculator, or from your/our participation in project drawdown, what is one thing for this month you can do to reduce your household carbon footprint? Submit a picture or two of you working on your goal and get a climate change sticker suitable for car bumper, water bottle, skateboard, or binder! (Sticker will be mailed to you)

6/24 – Climate Change and Immigration – Climate change is driving some mass emigration already, specifically from drought-ravaged agricultural areas in Central America into both cities and more northern countries like Mexico and the United States. How are we planning to handle Climate Change refugees?


Abbreviated Version for our discussion group (Read this one): New York Times Immigration and Climate Change article:


Full article from New York Times Magazine (26 pages, but good – read if you want more from the abbreviated version):