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NOTE MEETING TIME CHANGE: During the holidays the group will not meet on the fourth Thursdays. The schedule is changed to:

Thursday November 18 at 6:30pm

Thursday December 16 at 6:30pm

The Environmental Awareness Group meets monthly on the fourth Thursday, 6:30-7:30, and explores a variety of topics and plans for action. This is an intergenerational group for anyone 14 years or over.

Below is a list of resources and plans for group discussion and activities.

For questions or further information, contact Chris Mihealsick.

Zoom link: link.liveoakuu.org/Environment.  Information will also appear on the What’s Happening webpage.

 Environmental Awareness Group: Focus for Remainder of 2021/1st quarter 2022 Climate Change and Social Justice

At the October meeting, we discussed long-term goals for the group, including tree planting and other congregation identified thoughts on action items. This included becoming a Green Sanctuary. We also plan to review the draft Environmental Awareness Group framework as a part of the Social Justice umbrella.

November/December Meeting – Climate Change and Immigration – Climate change is driving some mass emigration already, specifically from drought-ravaged agricultural areas in Central America into both cities and more northern countries like Mexico and the United States. How are we planning to handle Climate Change refugees?


Abbreviated Version for our discussion group (Read this one): New York Times Immigration and Climate Change article:


Full article from New York Times Magazine (26 pages, but good – read if you want more from the abbreviated version):