ELEMENTARY LESSONS – Being Kind and Reaching Out:

UPPER ELEMENTARY: Lee Legault led the class in learning the international power of symbols to communicate meaning by playing a recognition game using such symbols as the Olympics and the Red Cross. Then Chalice Club listened to a fictionalized story about the UUA service Committee’s work delivering emergency supplies to refugees, emphasizing the power of the UU flaming chalice symbol to communicate benevolent intent. They learned the origins of the chalice within the double circle, which was developed during World War II. We also discussed the UUA’s 2014 revision of the UU symbol to nested U’s with a flame coming out the top. Finally, we made chalice ornaments.

LOWER ELEMENTARY learned about Deafness, how Deaf people communicate and learned some sign language, including signing the 7 Principles Song! Carolyn Dower shared some of her experiences growing up with Deaf parents. The class talked about what they could do if they saw someone making fun of a deaf person. Carolyn showed them a picture of a little boy with a cochlear implant. One child said it looked weird. Yes, it does, and now they know what it is and won’t have to wonder about it! (For more info on cochlear implants: www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/hearing/pages/coch.aspx.)