The mission of the UU Comprehensive Safety and Security Task Force is to deter potential threats of violence toward this congregation and ensure the general safety and security of all participants during church functions. Task Force responsibilities are to develop and implement basic security measures and procedures; to coordinate a response to suspected threats or acts of violence, and to assist staff and other teams to develop processes that pro-actively enhance the security and safety of our congregation.

To further this mission, the following goals are proposed:

  1. To create and submit a plan for processes and procedures to ensure the safety and security of the congregation and the buildings and grounds of the church.
  2. To make recommendations to various church teams (i.e. Building and Grounds, Esthetics, Pastoral Care, etc) related to the safety and security of the church.
  3. To assist the church administrator by providing recommendations for budget priorities to enhance the health and safety resources of the church.
  4. To assist in the review and implementation of “emergency evacuation” plans in the case of fire or acts of random violence.
  5. To assist in the creation of an emergency response team to respond to the behaviors of unsafe persons or random acts of violence within the church.
  6. To encourage the Pastoral Care Team to be prepared to provide assistance to victims of random acts of violence or trauma committed on church property.
  7. To provide advice and recommendations to the church Board of Trustees and management staff to implement and supervise comprehensive safety and security policies and procedures.
  8. It is the intent of the UU Comprehensive Safety and Security Task Force to work cooperatively with the Board of Trustees, church administration and staff and all members of the congregation to enhance the safety and security of all church functions.