Why Become a Member at Live Oak?

By joining Live Oak UU Church, you will become a member of a community that is based on liberal religious values. You will have an opportunity to share your spiritual journey, make connections, transform lives, and work to heal the world. You will be with other members who believe in the dignity and worth of every person, reverence for all life, and freedom of the individual to develop his or her own beliefs in personally meaningful ways. At Live Oak, we embrace the rich tapestry of spiritual beliefs that promote love, reason, and the freedom of individuals to choose their own unique spiritual paths. Live Oak is a multi-generational congregation that is committed to providing a secure and loving environment in which children can receive a world-based religious education. Membership entitles you to opportunities for participation in our community that are not available to non-member friends. These include holding office, chairing teams and committees, and voting on congregational matters.

How Do You Become a Member?

Once you have decided that you want to join Live Oak, you can become a member by attending an Exploring Membership Class (EMC), completing some paperwork, and signing the Live Oak Membership Book. The EMC takes place on a Sunday afternoon and is offered quarterly throughout the year ( Childcare is provided if requested). The paperwork consists of completing three forms: New Member Registration, New Member Interests, and Pledge of Financial Support. The Registration Form provides the church with contact information; the Interests Form allows new members to indicate which committees, teams, or group activities are of interest to them; and the Pledge Form allows new members to indicate the level at which they will provide financial support to Live Oak for the year. The Membership Book contains the signatures of all the people who have joined our church since Live Oak began, more than twenty years ago. When you sign the Membership Book, you are making a commitment to abide by our Covenant of Right Relations, to live your beliefs, and to support the church with your time, talents, and treasure, according to your means.

Interested persons who are not able to attend EMC may meet with the minister in lieu of attending the class.

New members are introduced to the congregation at the New Member Recognition Ceremony, which is held as part of the regular Sunday service.

You can get more information about Live Oak UU Church and about becoming a member by stopping by the Visitor’s Table before or after the Sunday service. This table is located in the narthex close to the entrance to the sanctuary.

Or, you may ask for information by emailing membership@liveoakuu.org.