This church assists our immigrant neighbors by providing classes in English as a Second Language. Most lessons happen online via Zoom.  We have classes 4 days and 4 evenings during the week.  Each class is typically 2 hours long and most students attend 2 classes a week.  Many students attend more than 2 classes.  Working with the Literacy Council Wilco we provide material for all of our students to use at home and during our classes.

Anyone can learn to be an ESL teacher.  You can teach one or two days a week. As long as you speak English, and like people, there is a role for you to help.  IF you would like to observe a class please contact  Mary Hengstebeck.

The students show their appreciation in many ways.  Jesus wrote us a poem

Driven to Success: ESL Students

On the road trip of life, we are often lucky enough to come across people who fill our near-empty tanks with inspiration. Sometimes it’s in the news, and sometimes it’s in a film or book. But sometimes, it’s in the hopeful face across the desk from you.

The students’ motivation to succeed is obvious in the dedication they demonstrate in coming to class regularly and the motives that compel them to do so. Many students must carve out time from their busy lives to attend as many as 3 to 5 classes per week. Students from 19 different countries faithfully gather during the week to make meaningful connections. They are eager to make friends, to learn the conversations skills necessary to effectively communicate with their children’s teachers, their doctors, their communities. For some, success is found in being able to tell stories about their weekly encounters with others using the “First, then, and finally” construct.

As a way of celebrating the strides made by our driven ESL students, each session concludes with a party. Students bring friends and family to celebrate completing 10 weeks of instruction. We enjoy games, good food, and music. The end-of-session party is an opportunity for our students to acknowledge their own accomplishments, as well as those of their classmates. It is a time to congratulate each other and offer encouragement for future endeavors. This would be a great time for you and your family to come and meet these wonderful people and wish them continued success on their individual journeys.

Literacy Council Support Certificate

The Literacy Council of Williamson County made a presentation to the Leander City Council and gave them a certificate for their support of literacy by providing space. The Live Oak ESL team are providing the volunteers. The picture includes Mary Hengstebeck, the Mayor of Leander, Robert Pinhero, and the director of Parks and Recreation.

Mission Statement:

Teaching every day English to adults who speak another language.

For more information, contact Mary Hengstebeck.