Community Service Team Formed, Marjorie Taylor Appointed as Chair

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce the Marjorie Taylor has been appointed as chair of the newly organized “Community Service Team” at Live Oak. 

Previously, community service and social justice programs were comingled under the “Community Outreach Ministry.” We will now have two separate teams, “Community Service” and “Social Justice.” These teams are both externally focused on the community outside of the Live Oak congregation, with one focused more on ongoing service opportunities and the other focused on advocacy and activism. 

The Community Service Team will be comprised of the leaders of these programs: Adult Basic Education, ARCH, ESL, Hands on Housing, Hill Country Community Ministries (Fresh Food for All), Hill Country Christmas Bureau, Prison Outreach, Share the Plate, Selfies with Santa, and iAct. 

Live Oak member Marjorie Taylor has been appointed by the Executive Committee as chair of the Community Service Team, and will be working with the leaders of the above programs.