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Faith Development 7.5 to 7.11.21

July 11, 4:30 – 7:00 pm, BYO Picnic and Games. Live Oak Grounds

I hope you will consider joining me for the picnic and games on Sunday, 7/11. If it is raining, the event will be postponed! Bring your own food and beverages and any games … read more.

By the Water I Feel Whole

Okay, true talk. I cried when we crossed the bridge onto Mount Desert Island and I saw the water. Yes, I cried right then and several times during our brief time in Maine, including as we left. A couple of weeks ago Rev Jo asked … read more.

Faith Development 6.14 to 6.20.21


It was wonderful to see some of you at Flower Communion. It is obvious we miss seeing each other in person. I’m excited about our return to being together in the fall, and still anxious about what that means for our youngest members and … read more.

Faith Development 6.7 to 6.13.21

Summer is officially here at Live Oak! We have had our Flower Ceremony and in a normal year we would be starting our summer programming for adults and children. No one has offered to help with summer programming for adults, so at this time there … read more.

Faith Development 5.31 to 6.6.21

What’s new or time-sensitive!

Faith Development for Families 6.6.21

9:15 – 9:45 AM PreK11:30 – 12:30 AM Taking Flight 8th/9th Grade Sexuality Education

After worship, be sure to join our Wandering Flower Communion on the Live Oak campus. Bring some flowers to share and walk the … read more.

Welcoming in Summer

Those of you who attend Fellowship Hour after our online worship know that I’m usually the person who starts up the fellowship time, admits people from the waiting room, sets up the breakout rooms and then sends everyone off for their discussion time.

It isn’t a … read more.

Faith Development 5.24 to 5.30.21

What’s new or time-sensitive!

Our regular year programming is over. As we enter summer there are a couple of ways to engage with faith development. Our wonderful childcare coordinator, Ms Harmoni, will continue to offer an online family/children’s chapel beginning June 13. If you … read more.