Beta Mode: Fed & Informed

Something that you’ll most likely hear at some point at Live Oak is that we’re “always in beta.” For those not in the world of programming, this refers to when software is put out in a limited release so that users can experiment with it and find its strengths and bugs.

We use the phrase to mean that we like to experiment, and we’re willing to take risks, make tweaks, and keep trying new things. We strive for excellence, of course, but we don’t expect perfection right out of the gate.

This Sunday, we are in Beta again with our quarterly event “Fed & Informed.” We usually schedule this after the second service, but that means that first service people either have to return, or simply attend the second service. Neither one of those are optimal, so we’re trying something new: having our informational potluck between the services, starting at 10:00 am. (Haven’t signed up yet to bring a dish or contribute money? There’s still time! )

How it’ll work:

Tables will be set up in the Fellowship Hall. You’ll go there and (here’s the tricky part) quietly and quickly load up your plate, and your child’s if applicable. At the same time, Team Leaders will be sharing information from the podium about things their team will be doing over the next quarter, that you may be interested in. Hopefully by 10:55, you will be both Fed AND Informed, full up on delicious food and exciting happenings.

Might it be a little crazy? Yup! But that’s the fun of experiments, that element of uncertainty and hey, even a little danger. After that, we’ll assess whether there are tweaks that we can make that will help it work smoother, or if we need to go back to the drawing board altogether.

Always in Beta! See you Sunday.