Author: Tim Buckley

Live Oak Social Justice Update May 16, 2021

Since last fall a group of Live Oakers has been meeting to plan ways to implement and maintain a congregational social justice ministry at Live Oak.  A congregational ministry is one that brings focus to the power of the church to address injustice in the … read more.

Environmental Legislative Action Needed

The Texas Legislature has spent most of their attention on Blackout response bills that try to improve and weatherize power plants. While we need to weatherize our power grid to lessen the chances it will go down again during a polar vortex, they haven’t spent … read more.

Share the Plate Recipients for 2020

The Share the Plate Team wants to thank everyone who submitted nominations for our Share the Plate partners for this year. We had 25 nominations for some pretty great organizations. We want you to know that we worked hard to be as inclusive and diverse … read more.


The need is great and the cupboard is bare. In this case, that cupboard is a cart in the Narthex.

Live Oak partnered with Hill Country Community Ministries (HCCM) a few years ago to become a location where our neighbors in need could receive fresh food. … read more.

Name Change

So why did the Facilities Team want to change their name?

When we were that “family” size church, the Facilities Team was responsible for many tasks at the church. If you had a questions, ask the Facilities Team:

What are the plans for future church needs?

Who can … read more.