Author: Rev. Joanna

Love Notes Recipient for April

Every month, we recognize a group for all that they do and bring to the church. Past recipients included the Stewardship Team, our childcare workers, the Membership Team, and others. 

For the month of April, the group we are recognizing is … LIVE OAK! 

Check back here … read more.

Enrich Connections at Defcon 1

Hi, Live Oak. I proposed to the Live Oak Board that we delay my sabbatical and at Sunday’s meeting, they accepted my proposal. We’ll be playing it by ear. If we’re back in the church building by the end of May, I may take a … read more.

Rethinking What Love Looks Like

What does love look like to you? Specifically, agape love.

Martin Luther King, Jr. defined agape as this: “Agape is
something of the understanding, creative, redemptive goodwill for all. It is a
love that seeks nothing in return. It is an overflowing love; it’s what
theologians would call … read more.

Don’t Spread Germs – Or Anxiety

Hey, Fam. How ya doing?

Are you feeling like you woke up and the world had all
changed? Yes, me, too.

It has been documented that one of the most difficult feelings for humans to withstand is uncertainty. When things are not predictable, we get … … read more.

Church in the Time of Covid-19

Ah, my dear ones. One of my favorite songs is
The Beatles’ Across the Universe. I’ve
said before that one line in it is my definition of “God”:

Limitless, undying love
Which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the universe

But it … read more.

Geo Groups. Are You in One?

We’re in the process of creating “Geo Groups” of Live Oak members — mapping out where everyone lives, then creating groups of people who live in the same geographic area. Should coronavirus progress to the point that we’re under voluntary or mandatory quarantine, we want … read more.

More Elections!

One of the very positive things to have happened over the last three years has been a resurgence of interest in civic responsibility and elections of all types.

I will confess. In the past, I really didn’t take the time to learn more about the … read more.

Sabbatical: What Will Happen at Live Oak

Last week, I talked a little bit about what sabbatical
means. This week, let me talk about what it will look like here at Live Oak:

On April 1, Kiya Heartwood ceases to be our intern minister.
She has fulfilled the requirements for internship as specified by … read more.

Worried about COVID-19?

Questions jump around our hearts, sometimes wildly so:

How can we keep ourselves safe?
How can we keep those we love safe?
How can we keep others safe?

With news of the rise of the novel coronavirus and its spread … read more.