Author: Rev. Joanna

I Envy the Trees

I envy the trees,
The ones that seemingly went dead in the freeze
Dropping all their leaves leaving their branches bare
But now they’re back,
Lush and lusty, “uttering joyous leaves of green”
Like I’ve never seen before.
I envy them. Wouldn’t it have been great to take … read more.

Feeling “Crunchy”?

By about May every year, schoolteachers, ministers, and religious professionals will often talk about feeling “crispy.” What we mean is that we’re less patient, less creative. We know that we are quicker to feel irritable, so we try to give each other more grace. We … read more.

Ridiculously Proud

At last week’s May congregational meeting, Vice-President Amy Dark invited me to do the chalice lighting and extinguishing. Here were my words:

Chalice Lighting:

We knew this year that we were writing a new story
An historic story of a church going through the unimaginable
A global pandemic … read more.

Dear Live Oak, I’m Worried

Dear Live Oak,

I’m going to get real, and blunt. I’m worried about the parents in our congregation.

I mean, we’re in month 14 of a global pandemic, and on one level, I’m worried about everyone. Of course. This isn’t something any of us have ever gone … read more.

What Can You Tolerate?

Last Sunday, I talked about the whole concept of tolerance, and clarified that it does NOT mean acceptance nor agreement. It’s an alternative to intolerance, very simply.

Right now, it can feel like our society has tossed away the entire idea of tolerance … which … read more.

The Guinea Worm Straw

What is our “guinea worm straw”?

After being president, Jimmy Carter wanted to focus much of his time and resources. He spoke to experts around the world, asking them what was one problem that with time and attention could actually be solved? Not minimized, but solved? … read more.

Go Ask A.L.I.C.E.

Many of us have seen the values of our homes go up dramatically over the past year. If you own your own home, this can be a very good thing, even with the tax liability, because your asset is growing.

For those who are renting, … read more.