And another thing …

What a week.

I mean, WHAT A WEEK! An attempt to get the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” more votes for one candidate, a nail-biter of a state election that will change the Senate, and an attempted insurrection.

And that was just by Wednesday.

Excuse my levity, it is perhaps gallows humor. I am enraged at the attempt to take down democracy, and I invite you to join me for our worship service on Sunday which will address this.

Since Sunday’s service had to change because of these events, I won’t be talking about something else that right now is vitally important, so let me say it now:

Stay home. 

In amongst everything else this week, many areas are hitting their highest levels of covid ever, and it is anticipated to rise even further over the next two weeks.

We have loosened up some of our cautions as we’ve learned more about this virus. (For instance, I’m no longer washing my groceries, as it does not appear to spread through fomites.) But for others, we need to return to our former strictness. Now is the time to limit any trips to public places, especially enclosed spaces like restaurants, bars, or stores. We do this not just for ourselves, but others. Some of our members have to physically go to a workplace, and the more people there are who are potential carriers, the greater their chance of becoming infected. If you have to go out, mask up. Maintain as much distance with others as possible.

On our sign for the last few months, we’ve said, “Wearing Masks = Love in Action.” Know that you are loved, and I want you to stay healthy so that we may be together again when it is safe.