This Sunday marks the beginning of the time of Advent, the days leading up to Christmas. For pagans and others in touch with the seasons, it is a time of drawing inward, as the days grow shorter leading up to the Winter Solstice.

I wonder, sometimes, if fighting against the natural flow means that we’re stealing an opportunity for more peace in our lives. But our society sets up December to do exactly that – more lights, more noise, more parties, more shopping!

What might it look for, for you, to make this December a little quieter, a little less bright? Maybe you’ll create a morning practice of waking up a little earlier to read. Or can you create an evening ritual of turning off the electronics, lighting a candle, sipping a cup of tea or hot cocoa, and listening to music and/or reading pleasant stories?

I’m going to put a list at the bottom of this with some peaceful, seasonal offerings. I’d love to hear what yours are! (Really — email me at