Board of Trustees and Policy Committee Covenant 2014-2015

We, the Board of Trustees and Policy Committee, covenant to:

  • Advance discussion by listening attentively and speak mindfully.
  • Deal with each other in good faith and assume that others are doing the same.
  • Stand behind, affirm, and uphold decisions made as a Board.
  • Observe the process and stay in covenant.
  • Set and follow through on a realistic agenda that is timely published.
  • Maintain orientation to the present and future.
  • Honor and respect the service of each other and the larger church community.
  • Acknowledge conflicts and be willing to compromise to resolve them.
  • Value all members and persons of attendance.
  • Promote an inclusive environment.

(Signed by all members)

We encourage shared leadership in which members input is valued in the decision-making process. While we have officers and trustees who are expected to attend and vote at all Policy Committee meetings, the meetings are open and we encourage any members of Live Oak to participate.

Meetings are held (usually) on the second Sunday of the month in the Acorn Building. We begin at 1:00 pm. The date for each meeting is usually listed on our calendar. A call for agenda items will occur during the week before over the Announcements email list. Childcare is available. Come join us in building our church together!

Next Meeting’s Packet

The next meeting information packet will be available below, when it becomes available:

Active State: Active

Group Type: Committee

Contact Person: Rachel Sartin

Contact Email:

Group Email List:

Group Location: Narthex

Group Meeting Date: Third Wednesday of the Month at 6:30 PM (except May and December)


If you have something you’d like to bring to the church board, the first step (after consideration and research on your part) is filling out this form. The board president will notify you of when your topic will be discussed.