A 35 Character Love Note

What would you like to tell our neighbors … using only 35 characters?

Our new LED sign is up, and we now have a way to reach out to our neighbors and very literally, send them a message. The sign is great – we can put up graphics (like the rainbow flag that’s up now), promote events, advertise our Sunday services, and more.

Here’s the official “first message” we sent:

You are lovable, just are you are.

The rest of our sign will be put up over the next week, with our church name and address. But for many people, “Unitarian Universalist” doesn’t tell them anything. They’ve never heard of us.

So, here’s the challenge to you. A message you’d like to send to our neighbors, using only 35 characters/spaces. Maybe it’s something about us. Maybe it’s a message you think more people need to hear. The only limits are your imagination … well, that and 35 characters.* (Here’s a handy tool for getting a character count: http://www.charactercountonline.com/)

Email your ideas to minister@liveoakuu.org.

A super-big thank you to Sue Buckley for all of her hard work in soliciting bids, working with the sign company, communicating with the congregation, and getting us here! And another thank you to all of the volunteers who came out and did the labor of preparing our space for the sign. And a HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to the capital campaign that made this possible!


*We have more than 35 spaces available to us; this is the length where we can have the letters large enough for a good impact.