“Ask Me Anything” – UU Style!

Long before Reddit introduced “Ask Me Anything,” where people would answer questions about their careers, lives, etc, it was a tradition in Unitarian Universalism to have a “Question Box” worship service. I’ve heard it called by many titles, including “Stump the Minister,” but the format is roughly the same. During the worship service, you write a question on an index card, then the minister does some quick sorting and answers as many as they can, on the spot.

It’s usually a popular service and I enjoy it (though, I will confess, it can be a little nerve-wracking — y’all come up with great questions and some of them are DEEP). But I also think it says something significant about Unitarian Universalism. This is a religion where we welcome questions. Where questions about religion aren’t considered an indication of something bad, that you are questioning your faith. We think everyone should question your faith, we champion a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, which values skepticism, wonder, imagination, and authenticity.

So, this Sunday, bring your questions! I’ll answer as many as I can, then may use some I don’t have time for in newsletter columns. Questions can be deep and thoughtful, they can also be light and curious, like “What does that scarf-thing signify?”

And another thing about Unitarian Universalism – it’s okay to say, “I don’t know,” including the minister! (But if it’s an answer I need time to investigate or just think about, I’ll probably get back to you.)