Feast of Breads (and Cider)

This Sunday is one of our most popular services … I mean, bread (literal bread) is at the center of the ritual. How can you go wrong, right?

At Live Oak, we have 4 annual worship services that focus on an aspect of being an intentional community. They are:

Flower Communion, at the beginning of summer: celebrates the diverse individuals who make up a community.

Water Communion, Labor Day weekend: celebrates our individual journeys that merge and
influence one collective journey.

Bread Communion, the Sunday before Thanksgiving: celebrates the heritage of each individual and honors how the life experiences of each member “feed” the rest of the community.

Fire Communion, beginning of January: acknowledges that each of us have our own individuals
paths, sometimes painful, but because we are in community we do not travel alone.

You are invited to bring a loaf of bread from your heritage, or a bread that is special to your family in some way. This can be homemade or purchased. (And yes, flatbreads like tortillas and lefse count!)

During the service, you will be invited to come forward with your bread. You’ll tell us a little bit about it (if you wish), and then volunteers will slice up all the offerings. After everyone has brought their bread forward, all are invited to come forward again to try the different offerings, along with a cup of cider.

If you would like to volunteer to help out slicing bread, pouring cider, etc., please sign up here: Bread Service Volunteers

No need to sign up with the kind of bread you’re bringing. You’ll bring it with you to your chair in the sanctuary, then you’ll be invited to bring it up to the tables during the service. (No butters/spreads, please.)

See you Sunday, and I look forward to learning more about your family and the heritage you bring!